Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Conference Call #2

Attendees - Lam, Kathryn, D.C., Holly, Meggie

Jennifer Sellers - Coastal Carolina ECO REPS
Jennifer - CofC ECO REPS aware of PEAC
trying to get things moving, will connect with Meggie, etc. soon.
Possible speakers:
D.C. will make an effort to connect with Anne Hutto from the Lowlands
Kathryn will make an effort to connect with someone from Coastal Conservation League
Lam will connect with Dana Bruce from JDRF– food politics, justice
Our OFFICIAL meeting with the State House Environmental Committee (Co-Chair, Representative David Hiott, at least,) on February 28 at 2:30pm.

Blatt Building
1105 Pendleton Street, Room 418
Columbia SC 29201-3732

Meggie offers her place as a space for us to develop game plan before meeting with Hiott. Will connect with others from SAGE to come as well. Focusing on 1-2 specific asks since time is limited.

D.C.Taking care of Google document to begin sparking up ideas.
Holly - important that we get policymakers etc to acknowledge that climate change does indeed exist and action is urgent, etc.

Kathryn – our goals can be big! Small goals with our local government! Think big, start small. achieving small goals is empowering and helps build skills to achieve bigger ones.
D.C.- small goals – city councils, mayors, correspondence and asks supporting retrofitting energy efficiency or commitment to clean energy, recognition that climate change exists, etc.

Kathryn - Local allies will help our state wide cause.
Check city council elections, etc.

holly – transition towns. Peak oil and climate change. Tri-county transitions. Outreach. Community resiliency, etc. SC has no transition towns

Meggie – facebook too easy to ignore. The only people who will work is us and we must make a bigger effort to connect.
Everyone agrees that it is important to reconnect with Southern Energy Network. Our long term goals are too important!!

Holly and/or Meggie will connect with Reagan from SEN.

Kathryn will set up gmail listserv

Kathryn and Lam will report back on the events of the SC Clean Energy and Jobs Forum on the next call.

Next call is February 26, 2012 @ 2pm

Call-in: 218-632-0550
Pass: 1066925#

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