Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Call Notes

Who was on that sucker?
Kathryn - Aiken
Jennifer - USC
Samantha - USC
Holly - Anderson/Clemson
Lam - Columbia
Kelley - Charleston (Rock Hill?)
D.C. - Greenville

I. Summit
D.C. - We hope to hold the summit at USC Beaufort or Coastal, USC as back-up
Holly - Having a summit elsewhere helps students fell more a part of the group
Kathryn - We need to strengthen our ties with students/community on the coast, Coastal Carolina
Lam - Coastal can be our preliminary backup to Beaufort
Samantha/Jennifer - USC would get a strong group to go to summit if held on the coast

II. Governor Haley/Environmental Committee Meeting
D.C. - Contact Leigh LeMoine, Secretary for Haley at 803-734-5151 to request meeting; USC kids could reach out to State Senate environmental committee?
Kathryn - Send out listserv e-mail regarding meeting(s), issues we'd present; list of members of each committee

III. DHEC Meetings
D.C. - Encourages students to attend meetings this year; make us known
Kathryn - Stay informed by going, try to get ourselves out there even as an unofficial group; we need a starting line

IV. Revisiting Our Statewide Campaigns
Lam/Sam/Kelley: There's an appeal to #Occupy, such as not having one specific point, but we should locate an item/project to focus on
Holly/Jen - Curious about Port of Charleston vs. Port of Savannah issue
Kathryn - Coastal Conversation League would have more knowledge
Holly - Unite with like-minded organizations in SC

V. PEAC Events
Holly - Monthly calls, keep in touch; have local-level projects (listening to communities at churches, community centers, etc.); continue holding calls and summits; We will need more people power to obtain these goals...6 or 7 of us will not cut it..."I don't want to graduate from PEAC and go to Sierra Club" :-)
Lam - We have a problem with aging out, must recruit and maintain

VI. PEAC Newsletter
Lam - Let's connect with Palmetto Public Record (a blog)
Holly - Listserv should be moved off of Clemson server at some point
D.C. - Use the newsletter to keep important information out there
Kelley - Great to have e-Newsletter, too much stuff on Facebook, and information would get lost
Lam - Let's find more writers for the letter, as well as PEAC blog (
Samantha - Newsletter should be monthly; calls should be every 2nd Wednesday of the month
Holly - Post minutes of calls in the newsletter

Next Call: Wednesday, February 15, 9pm
Thank you to D.C. For taking notes and promptly posting them to the Facebook group! If you haven't joined us on Facebook yet, please do to stay up to date on our latest news!

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